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Where the Bodies Are, Final Visits to the Rich, Famous & Interesting

Don't let the title fool you ... this is history researched and beautifully written.

"Where the Bodies Are, Final Visits to the Rich, Famous & Interesting" by Patricia Brooks (The Globe Pequot Press, Guilford CT; 258 pp, b/w photographs, paperback, $15.95; Oct 2002 release).

Not just a ghoulish cemetery stroll, but a brief, fascinating look at some of the rich, the famous, and the infamous.  Personalities from the baseball greats to the music and movie stars, are noted along with the financiers, politicians - and yes, even a preacher or two.  Presidents and playboys are also noted.

Our own Texas State Cemetery in Austin is well represented with the likes of Ma & Pa Ferguson, J. Frank Dobbie, Texas Ranger captain John Hughes, and Walter Prescott Webb ... and a few politicians. And wouldn't you just love to be at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah on Halloween night? I would!  Second choice?  St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans...

The Appendix has a list of "Gone With the Wind," telling of those whose cremated ashes were scattered to the four winds, or their bodies were donated to science.  A list of "Return to Sender; Whereabouts Unknown" is intriguing, as is the "Wish You Were There; Burials Abroad." Other special lists make this trip to those cemeteries famous for their beautiful grounds and grand monuments interesting as you step back into the past.  And there is definitely some genealogy to be gleaned!

The author says that one thing special in writing about graveyards is that "you never run out of subjects. It doesn't take much digging - so to speak - to find them."


Review by
Trevia Wooster Beverly
Houston, Texas

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